Sunday, December 6, 2009

Top 5 Myths about Women and Romantic Relationships

After a highly scientific data collection (IE discussions on Facebook and during happy hour with friends) and analysis process, we have come up with a “Top Five List of Myths about Women in terms of Romantic Relationships”.

Feel free to contribute your own myths, comment on these myths, or share any thoughts you may have on this issue or not... We’re not picky.

1. We DO want our romantic partners to be just like us (Sweet baby Jesus! Can you imagine? I shudder at that possibility.)

2. We DO want our romantic partners to be mind readers (Usually, if people truly listen to what other people say, they won’t need to be a mind-reader to figure out what they want and need. Amazing but true. And honestly, what goes on in our heads should probably stay there more often than not.)

3. We DO want a domestic man (credit for this one goes to my cousin, Sari. Although I have to say: I [Christy] have a domestic man and I rather enjoy it. He makes a mean tuna noodle casserole and irons a hard crease like no other. He looks sexy in an apron... He’s a keeper.)

4. We DO want another parent (need I comment on this one?)

5. We DON’T want or need as much sex as men (although the “good” sex stipulation may be a confounding factor now that I think about it…)

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