Thursday, December 3, 2009

A few words on Tiger (who should change his name to Chee-tah)

As many of you know Tiger Woods is a hot topic for the media this week (CHRISTY: despite the fact that there was a Presidential address on future direction on the Afghanistan conflict, including sending still more troops, but I digress…). The incident has also made for some interesting discussion on my Facebook page. More and more "women" (I put that in quotes, because I hardly think they deserve the title [I personally do not want to be categorized with people who cheerfully profit of the misery of others]) are surfacing with their “Tales of the Tiger.” The degree of cheating varies, but in my book (and I think in most wives books) cheating is cheating.

That said, I do like the way that Elin handled the situation. Had the situation been reversed, you know Tiger would be behind bars but hey, that's not the point (CHRISTY: sex-specific double standards are always a point, but again, I digress…). I'm certain that Elin knew that something was going on before he told her. Women have this amazing thing called Women's Instinct and it rarely lets us down. It was the confirmation of that instinct that got her. She should have used a driver instead of an iron, and then she should have chased down that little &$(#& and let her (or them) have it, too (CHRISTY: he made the commitment IMO, although the little tramp is profiting off her pain, so maybe there is something to a double homicide…).

The most disappointing part of this is that Tiger is a self proclaimed man of faith and integrity. He chose to put that out there and to be a role model for our youth. I managed to turn this into a lesson for my hormonal, preteen son. This morning, while I sat watching the news, he noticed all the talk about Tiger and asked what was going on. I had to break the news to him that Tiger is human (Cheating is not human, it's F-ed up, and only acceptable for animals), and a jackass. I gave him a brief lesson on respect for women (FYI kiddo, trampy girlfriend from previous post has not reached woman status, yet [CHRISTY: sounds like that won’t happen if you have anything to say about it, Lisa!]), loyalty, and the meaning value of a marriage (CHRISTY: and commitment – you make a promise and you keep it. Period). I really don't know if he understood, but it was my way of turning a bad situation into a less bad situation, as well as helping mold my boy into a (better) man (a way better man than YOU, Chee-tah!)

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