Thursday, December 17, 2009

Starting the liquid diet...

We're 5 minutes into Christmas "Break". Literally, we've been home from school for FIVE minutes and it's begun. Mom we're bored, mom what can we eat?, oh now there are high pitched screams.... heaven help me. "Mom, Mom, Mom, Moooooooooom"... direct quote from my screaming 7 year old.
Christy tells me she's looking for a recipe for homemade irish cream. Bring it on, sister!
So, I survived making my rounds at three elementary school christmas parties. Kindergarteners are loud, second graders are goofy, and fifth graders are just rude. I gave each of the kids teachers a bottle of wine. Turns out, that was exactly what they wanted. I'm the star pupil now. My kids were surely have straight A's this semester. Never again will I give another teacher a gift card. They're so gift cardy, you know?
Oh, lord. The screams are increasing here in the land of Christmas Break. I can't even think right now. I'm done already. I'm starting the liquid diet.

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