Friday, January 8, 2010

Christy and Lisa's rules for livin' on the edge

If we're going to live on the edge, there need to be a few simple rules. Christy and I have taken it upon ourselves to come up with a list.

#1. No shame. Shame does not work here.
#2. No sensoring. Need to let the F-bomb fly? Go for it.
#3. A glass of wine, a beer, a small cocktail is a perfectly acceptable way to unwind from your day. A shot of Kalua in your morning coffee is also okay.
#4. No giving up (unless it is really and truly a lost cause)
#5. Booze is a perfectly acceptable gift for your children's teachers, because we know they need it too!
#6. Fancy shoe Thursday. It's a must.
#7. It's okay to lose your shiznit once in a while. It's to be expected.
#8. Be proud of your bad mommy moments. What doesn't kill them, makes them stronger.
#9. When your child crawled, walked, talked, or potty trained is completely irrlevant in relation to other's children. Parenting is not a contest.
#10. Rules were made to be broken... but not these rules.

If you follow these rules, you'll escape the war and be livin' on the edge with us in no time.



  1. YAY!!! Thanks for the permission to wear my fancy shoes on Thursdays. I'll take pictures and post my Fancy Thursday shoes!!

  2. Nice job...thoughtful, considerate and ohh so true. As a father of three beautiful girls, I understand the need for periodic deep reflection and the occasional cocktail. I'm strugglin' with the shoe thing, I'd replace that with a good cigar and a little guitar jam with a good friend. If Daddy isn't happy...the girls aren't happy...Em makes Daddio happy :)

  3. First I was going to say that I loved #2, then #3, then #5 (VERY true), then #7....So I guess that I can appreciate and LOVE all your rules! Looking forward to reading your next post, and the one after that....Keep'em coming <3 Kim