Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kick a Ginger Day

I have to admit I laughed at this story initially. A genuine coffee out the nose laugh. And I poked fun at it on my Facebook page. When I started thinking about it, however, I was a little angry. Had it been one of my children who were victimized in this manner, I would have indeed laughed, but only after I made sure he or she was okay, after we designated an unofficial “Egg Anyone Who is Idiot Enough to Participant in This Kind of Thing Day”, and after we participated in associated festivities of the day.

I am not a fan of taking political correctness to an extreme and labeling every act of violence a "hate crime" (isn't every act of violence a hate crime ultimately? Power breeds conflict which breeds fear and hate and so on). I am not a fan of having to regulate morality. My definition of political correctness and morality boil down to social equity and humanity. Period. Not using differences as an excuse to victimize, denigrate, or oppress others seems like a common sense element to political correctness to me. Am I wrong? What the heck are people teaching their children? To be racist with ginger kicking as a "gateway drug"? And why is Facebook allowing it? Do they have no moral responsibility?

In closing, I urge all of you Facebookers out there to become a fan of the movement AGAINST Kicking a Ginger Day. And I repeat: the first one that kicks this ginger or any of her ginger-ish gets it.

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  1. As the parent of two Gingers I too thought it was funny, in a a sick and twisted, "How can people be so dumb," glad it wasn't my kid sort-a way. It boils down to people being dumb and breeding dumb kids who then have to find dumb ways to spend their time which is completely unsupervised by their dumb parental unit(s) and teachers, school administrators, etc.

    I do feel bad for the poor kid who got his butt literally KICKED not once but TWICE in one day just for having red hair! Junior High sucks enough without have thousands on Facebook putting you in their cross-hairs.

    Just. Plain. DUMB!