Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm too young for this

It's no secret that I started my family young. I got lucky and didn't fall into the typical "young mom" stereotype. It doesn't work out this well for everyone. This is probably why I'm so worried about my kids making the same decisions that I made. Now my oldest son (we'll just call him #1, so he can't say that I'm talking about him)is having girl problems. Girl problems, in FIFTH GRADE! I think back to when I was that age. Sure, maybe there were some little crushes. Girls would chase boys, but you had no clue what you'd actually do if you were unfortunate enough to catch them. That's not the way things are now. #1 has a girlfriend. It started out cute. He came home and told me he had a girlfriend. I've met this girl, and I thought she was sweet. When I asked #1 what having a girlfriend in 5th grade meant, he said "I don't know, mom, nothing really" I was content with that. They can't date. They only place they ever see eachother is at school. It's gotta be pretty innocent, right? I should consider myself lucky that #1 doesn't hide anything from me. "Girlfriend" likes to send him love notes. These are not the love notes that I remember. The ones I remember went something like this: "Do you like me? Circle yes or no." Nope, they're not like that anymore. A series of notes that I read yesterday went something like this:

Note 1:
"Dear #1, why won't you tell me that you love me? I've told you that I love you and I think it's only fair"
I'd like to say to her: "Girlfriend, you're 10. You don't even know what love is, and neither does #1. #1 loves his mother, soccer, cartoons, and video games. Not you."
Note 2: "Dear #1: When are you going to kiss me?"
I'd like to say to her: "NEVER. That's when he's going to kiss you. Don't you know that boys have koodies when you're 10? They do."
Note 3: "Dear #1 I want you to FRENCH KISS me, but I think you're too shy."
I'd like to say to her: "HELLO!?! Do you even know that that means? Unfortunately, yes, you probably do. Which makes this whole thing even more disturbing. Stay away from my baby. And yes he's too shy, but he's also smart."
Note 4: "Dear #1. Your friend told me I should break up with you. What should I do? Should I break up with you?"
I'd like to say to her: "No, you should not break up with my son! That's his job. We've given him the talk about self respect and not wasting his time on nasty girls. Don't you dare break my son's heart. He'll be the one to break up with you, you little $*%($#"

I'm just too young to have a son with girl problems. I know this is only the begining. I miss the days when our biggest problems were potty training, picking preschools, and teaching him to share. Parenting doesn't get easier as the kids get older, it just gets different and WAY more complicated.

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